Joe P. Chen's Appointment Scheduler

Spring 2020 Teaching Hours

CORE 143S: TR 8:30a-9:45a
MATH 487: TR 1:20p-2:35p

Spring 2020 Office Hours (214 McGregory)

Feel free to drop in for questions & discussions during the following times (no appointment needed):
Tuesdays 2:45p-4:00p
Wednesdays 2:00p-4:00p
Thursdays 2:45p-4:00p

On (most) Mondays and Fridays I am available by Google calendar appointment. Please click on one of the 15-min appointment slots in the Google calendar below.
(If you do not see the calendar below, please log into a Google account first, e.g. your Colgate Gmail account.)

EXCEPTIONS due to professional travel

24/7 Help: You can post your questions on the course Piazza Q&A board through the class Moodle site.
In case none of the solutions work, email me (jpchen at the obvious edu address).

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