May '19, DIAM, TU Delft | '19: W/Sp, Su | '18: Europe, Asia

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Joe P. Chen

Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics
Colgate University


B.S. '06, Yale College
M.S. '10, Ph.D. '13, Cornell University

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Research interests: Probability & Stochastic Processes, Analysis of (S)PDEs, and Mathematical Physics on graphs, resistance spaces, and metric measure spaces, such as fractals.

My research in pictures: Click on the image to see the relevant paper.


Research: NSF DMS Probability grant. Minicourses in Bielefeld (Autumn '18) and Lisboa (Winter '19). Upcoming travel.
Teaching (Fall '19): MATH 313 - Functions of a Complex Variable; MATH 316 - Probability.

"The first to use the octopus lemma [of Caputo-Liggett-Richthammer] for something new was Chen." (G. Alon & G. Kozma, arXiv:1811.10537)

Random walks, electric networks, moving particle lemma, and hydrodynamic limits (abstract, talk slides)

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